We aim for a diverse group of participants of roughly equal gender representation, coming from different countries, socio-economic backgrounds, ethnicities and religions

We are particularly keen to recruit young people who play or show an interest in playing an active role in their communities. Combining both methods, we aim to bring students together from countries of the Middle Eastern, North African and European regions and their environments.

The UWC Short Course Turkey will take place in Iznik, Turkey from July 1st - 11th, 2018. It is open to participants who:

- Are between 16 and 18 years old or in their last two years of high school education

- Reside in countries in Europe, Middle East or North Africa

- Are able to attend the whole duration of our Short Course

- Did not attend a UWC Short Course before or were accepted to one of the UWC Schools

Participants are welcome to apply through one of the following two means:

- National Committee Selection: Please refer to the National Committee in your country to learn more about the application process.

- Open Call: Applications have closed.