Through interactive workshops, discussions and storytelling the course focuses on self-development and leadership. Youths from the Middle-East, Europe and North-Africa come together in Turkey to look at current issues related to identity, which include topics in migration, human rights and structural inequalities

The program aims to connect borders on several levels:

The Self and Society

The course analyses the various levels of identity within the self and outside in the context of societies, communities, cultures and nations. By promoting empathic listening, sharing stories and critical thinking, the program aims to improve communication and understanding between people.

Past, Present and Future

Using the interesting political tensions and multicultural environment of our location, we provide participants with an understanding of the historical setting, key concepts in social issues, and community action, to create a continuous interconnected narrative of the past, present and future.

Global Thinking and Local Action

During the course, participants do community service and design a project to implement in their own communities. The course creates a snowball effect as participants gain the motivation and confidence to act locally while seeing the global and long-term implications of these actions.